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  Job Title End of contest
GIS Technician or GIS Analyst (Based on level of qualifications) Nov 30
Substation Technician Feb 8
Sales Engineer Feb 7
General Manager Feb 4
Compliance Auditor , Operations & Planning Feb 4
Compliance Risk Analyst/Engineer Feb 4
Product Manager (DSM) Jan 26
Substation Engineer Jan 14
SCADA Analysis/Engineer Dec 27
Mobile Robotics Applications Engineering Feb 2
Technical Analyst Jan 12
Wind Turbine Tech II Feb 21
I & E Technician Feb 21
Sr. Sourcing Specialist Feb 21
Electrical Engineer Feb 21
Technician Instrument Control Feb 21
Category Management Specialist Feb 21
Solar Operations Surveyor Feb 21
Federal Tax Analyst Feb 21
Health, Safety, and Environmental Systems Administrator Feb 21

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