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  Job Title End of contest
Plant Accountant Oct 23
First Class Line Maintainer Oct 16
Distribution Automation Business Development Manager Nov 18
Sr. Sales Engineer Nov 18
Regional Vice President - Central Nov 18
Vice President - Global Sales Nov 18
President and Chief Executive Officer Oct 17
Product Manager/Sr. Product Manager – Mobile Products Nov 10
Product Manager/Sr. Product Manager Nov 10
Data Scientist Nov 10
Journeyman Lineworkers Nov 11
VP National Accounts Manager Oct 15
Make Ready Technician Oct 14
SCADA Analysis/Engineer Dec 27
Engineering Technician - Project Design Nov 8
Grid Operations Field Mgr Jan 6
SBU Senior Environmental Specialist Oct 10
Apprentice Relay Technician, Substation Test (IBEW) Jan 6
Program System Analyst Jan 6
Customer Privacy Specialist Jan 6

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