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  Job Title End of contest
Lineman Apprentice-Advanced Dec 29
Senior Engineer Nov 21
Senior Associate Engineer Nov 21
Director of Power Resources Dec 30
Applications engineer Jan 8
Environmental Coordinator - Waste and Hazardous Materials Specialist Feb 18
NERC Compliance Analyst III Feb 18
Service Dispatcher Feb 18
Customer Service Representative Feb 18
Customer Credit Representative Feb 18
Administrative Assistant - SPC Feb 18
Computer Systems Engineer/Analyst Feb 18
Regulatory Analyst Feb 18
Field Operations & Maintenance Trainee Feb 18
Distribution Crew Worker Feb 18
Construction Technician II Feb 18
Plant Technician-Maintenance-3 Feb 18
Plant Technician-Maintenance Feb 18
Engineer/Support Engineer/Sr. Engineer (Electrical - Site Design) Feb 18
Retail Operations Manager Feb 18
Security Officer-SSES-Level I Feb 18
Student Intern, Substations Engineering Feb 16
Student Intern, IT Operations Feb 16
Student Intern, Human Resources Feb 16
Student Intern, Demand Side Resources Feb 16

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